End Chapter (Video Game)

Sneak Peek on the promotional art for the End Chapter video game project. Now on development. This will be an Adventure/Action video game. On future post we shall give you more details and information about this upcoming video game project.  Created By: Javier Sama Digams: https://www.facebook.com/digamscorp/ Concept art By: Punix Din Animation:  https://www.facebook.com/DinAnimation/?ref=br_rs  

End Chapter: Master Of Macroix© Auras theme

End Chapter: Master Of macroix© Auras theme “Aura’s Theme” is part of the OST of End Chapter: Master Of Matroix Sountrack. This song represent one of the main thrmes of the main character know as Aura. Music theme composed by Caroline J Gleave. End Chapter: Master Of macroix is a Video Game Project being on […]

END CHAPTER OST ~ Walking on the land of dreams (revising)

“Walking On The Land Of Dreams” is part of the OST of End Chapter: Master Of Matroix. A preview of the song and sneak peak of the project on development. This song represent a sacred place. It is composed by Caroline J Gleave. End Chapter is a Video Game Project being on development and will […]

Tokyo Pop® Showcase The Other One©

I have to thanks our partners and friends from Tokyo Pop to support our projects. We will work hard to keep those projects coming out to the light. Thanks you to everyone for the support. I will o following weeks upload chapter 2. POP Comics® Showcase: The Other One This week on POP Showcase we’re highlighting The […]

End Chapter: Song: Walking On The Land Of Dreams (OST)

  End Chapter (Video Game Progress) Song from the End Chapter Sound Track: Song: Walking On The Land Of Dreams Music By: Caroline Jayne Gleave End Chapter Created By: Javier Sama Platforms: Nintendo, Microsoft , Sony and more. This is a video of the game development not a actual trailer. Coming Soon in 2018 Copyright […]

After Hurricaine Maria, we continue!

We are getting back to normal very slowl since a hurricaine type 5 with strong winds of 235 mph and tornadoes hits Puerto Rico USA. Still Telecomunications are not properly fixed by the Telecomunications Companies in Local area of Puerto Rico USA. We will shortly start to post our updates and news of our projects […]

Hurricane Maria Passing through the Caribbean!

Due to the pass of the Hurricane Maria through the Caribbean we will close business until all get back to normal. This could take a few days depending on the impact the Hurricane can cause on the Puerto Rico USA island. Thank you for your understanding and wishing for the best for everyone and God […]

Digams Corp Video Game Developers Studios 1st Intro

Digams Corp Intro Music: Horizon Calling (SHORT) About Digams: Digams Studios is a video game development conpany. https://digams.com/about-us/ Logo Created By: Javier Sama Music Created By: Caroline Jayne Gleave Official Web Page: https://digams.com Final Version. Could Change on Game Trailers, etc.  

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