We are a small develoment team actually working

The Digams Team site has gone live again! Downtimes and a lot at hand. It was a hard work and wow we made it! Making all the settings and preparing our own servers and networks to go live was a very hard work for just one man. Not an easy task. But we are here now and yes it’s pretty exciting. My special tanks to the development team. So to celebrate I will write a quick post on who we actually are and what we’re up to. Digams Team is, like our About page describes, a small indie games team based in Puerto Rico USA with collaborators from around the world. We have experience in game development and animation, publishing (ex. Wi~Fi Digital Press Publications) and are aiming to publish great projects and series that everyone (hopefully) enjoy.

Currently we’re working on End Chapter: Master Of Macroix, which is a brilliant 3D action/adventure/exploration/jrpg game that we’ll be launching on Nintendo Platforms, Microsoft Platforms and Sony Platforms during the year 2019 (we’d love to target other platforms too, we’ll see how we go). For a neat little primer on End Chapter: Master Of Macroix, what it’s about, and why you should care about it, I will create a post intro about the project itself very soon. I will soon make available the official web page and we will let you know in a post very soon as well. For the moment you can visit here. We will post gallery pics, and all sort of information and data. And will revisit this post to add the information as well.

We’ll be using this site to document the development of End Chapter and other projects. We’ll be posting art, music, trailers and other videos, articles about the game’s design and structure. If you like the look of End Chapter©, you can follow us on instagram or twitter for regular updates and pics or even subscribe to our mailing list, and we’ll keep you updated with info on demos, beta releases, and the actual release of the game and any project we release or work.

So if you like our work and want to give us a hand, go ahead and spread the word about End Chapter! Thank you for your attention and our best regards.