Digams Unsolicited Idea and Content Submission Policy

In this Policy Statement references to “Digams”, “us”, we” and similar expressions refers to Digams Corp and its affiliated entities worldwide.

As you know, Digams is in constant development of many new creative products for our fans and something we create might be similar to something you have independently created. We wish to avoid any potential disputes or misunderstandings when a future release of ours is coincidently similar to an idea or work you sent us. Therefore, Digams and its employees do not accept or consider unsolicited creative works or ideas, including ideas for new games, movies, television programs, and marketing campaigns.

Please do not submit any unsolicited creative works, games, film scripts, storyboards, treatments, code, plotlines, dialogue, artwork, music, ideas, inventions, concepts or other works in any form (collectively “Material”) to Digams. If you fail to abide by this request and still send us your idea or creative work, the following terms shall apply to your submission regardless of what your cover letter or email might state or any contrary terms you may purport to apply or to any statements including as to confidentiality contained on or in any Material submitted:

Since we do not wish to receive or hold any Material either ‘in confidence’ or at all, you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. Any Material, which you choose to submit to us, is disclosed at your discretion and has not been solicited by us.

  2. We shall not accept any Material under any obligations of confidentiality nor will our consideration of the Material give rise to any relationship of confidence between us. We shall be free to use and disclose any ideas and information contained within the Material (or any similar ideas or information) without restriction and without compensation to you;

  3. By disclosing Material to us[you do not grant any rights to us under existing or future patents, designs or copyrights. You agree to rely solely on any patent, copyright or design rights that you may obtain or hold to protect your Material and accordingly, you will not at any time institute any legal proceedings or take any other action against us or our distributors, licensees or other customers on the basis that the disclosure was confidential;

  4. We continually invent, develop, license and acquire new ideas and materials within our business and you acknowledge that we may already have developed or be developing or have contemplated our own ideas, concepts and intellectual properties which are identical or similar to the Material which you have disclosed to us. We assume no obligation to inform you of this fact nor shall we enter into any correspondence in relation to any Material which is received.

  5. We shall not be under any obligation to acknowledge receipt of any Material nor do we commit to make any efforts to acknowledge receipt of any Material.

  6. We do not accept any duty of care in respect of any Material. You should always retain a copy of the Material which is sent to us. We accept no liability for loss or other damage to the physical material submitted by you.

  7. We are under no obligation to read or evaluate the Material.

  8. We do not assume any obligation to return Material to you and we may destroy all Material without reference to you. We may at our discretion keep an original or copy of all or any part of the Material and/or any accompanying letter as evidence of receipt and we may retain your personal details without limitation of time for such purpose.

Accordingly, please do not send us any Material for any purpose whatsoever unless you understand and agree to the above terms.

We will never review unsolicited Material without the Discloser first signing a Non-Confidential Submission Letter in a form provided by us. Please contact us at dev@digams.com for further information.

The terms and conditions of this Policy Statement may not be modified or waived except in writing signed by one of our officers, duly authorised to do so.